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Formation of Russian industry of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals is one of priority tasks for development of the industry in partnership with leading world producers, domestic companies and research institutions. Total level of technical equipment of Russian medical establishments is not higher than 58% from the standard. It is obvious that such a gap cannot be easily eliminated even taking into account the recently increased amount of procurements performed within framework of national project Zdorovie and federal grant programs. Poor technical equipment of medical institutions can be explained by the fact that on the Russian market 81% of medical equipment is imported while only 19% is made by the domestic producers. Production of medical devices is a core business for only several hundreds of Russian companies. And the majority of companies produce medical devices together with other products of individual and collective consumption. Domestic producers basically specialize on manufacturing of x-ray equipment which makes 70% of all Russian medical devices, simple ultrasonic devices, functional diagnostics equipment, medical tools, disposable syringes, trolleys, furniture, clinic and operational equipment, sterilizers. According to the governmental program the volume of medical equipment and devices by 2020 shall make 200 billion rubles. Volume of domestically produces pharmaceutical products shall make 734 billion rubles. Volume of domestically produced pharmaceutical products from the List of Strategically Important Drugs and List of Vital and Essential Drugs shall make 90%; the export volume of medical devices and equipment shall make 39.7 billion rubles*.

* - the data of 2016