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Customs Union State Registration Certificate is an official document to confirm compliance with the unified standard requirements of the Customs Union. The document shall be valid over the whole territory of the Customs Union.

Starting from July 1, 2010 state registration procedure is applied instead of sanitary epidemiological expertise. From that moment the products subject to state registration on the territory of the Customs Union and Russian Federation are provided with state registration certificate instead of hygienic certificates.

State Registration Certificate has no expiry date. And only one certification is enough for a certain type of production.

Costs and terms on state registration certification depend on type and size of batch of products. Contact our specialists to get costs calculations or fill in the online application form on the page.


Products subject to state registration certification

Drinks and food products

1. Water and equipment for preparation and transportation.

2. Sport and diabetic food products.

3. Products fo. pregnant and lactating women.

4. Bacterial starter cultures, flavorings, and food additives.

5. Genetically modified products.

6. Tonics, alcohol drinks and beers.

Personal hygienic products

1. Cosmetic products;

2. Products for hygiene of the oral cavity;

3. Personal hygiene products;

4. Household chemicals;

5. Products intended for contact with food;

6. Products for children under 3 y.o.

Hazardous substances

1. Disinfectants, pest and deratization substances;

2. Potentially hazardous substance for human and environment;

3. Unified international list of hazardous substances.

  1. Laboratory testing of products with preparation of expert summary (protocol);
  2. Analysis of the submitted documentation and laboratory testing results in Rospotrebnadzor;
  3. Inclusion of information about the product into the state register of the certified products;
  4. Issue of the Customs Union State Registration Certificate.
  • Application form for state registration certification according to the approved form;
  • Copies of technical documentation (TC, specifications, GOST and other);
  • Copies of documents to confirm safety and quality of the products;
  • Acts of samples taking and testing protocols for product;
  • Manufacturer company registration details.

Legal Norms:

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