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Seismic Resistance Certificate

Okhrana. Bezopasnost laboratory accreditation certificate

Seismic resistance certificate is a voluntary certificate within the framework of GOST R. It is applied to confirm the compliance of the equipment to seismic standards. The key criteria for assessment is MSK-64 scale. The document is issued after the relevant seismic testing have been performed with a satisfying protocol.


What is subject to seismic resistance certification?

Seismic resistance testing is applied to the following types of products:

  • Electrical equipment (lighting devices, transformers, power convertors etc.);
  • Ventilation equipment (filters, conditioners, fans);
  • Piping equipment (taps, valves, shutters);
  • Electrical bulk materials (trays, corners, stands, strips);
  • Cables and conductors;
  • Fire safety units;
  • Navigation and communication equipment.

Legal Norms

Seismic resistance testing of the above mentioned devices and equipment shall be performed in accordance with following norms and standards:

Seismic Resistance Testing

Our company is ready to perform seismic testing of equipment of any size and dimensions according to MSK-64 scale.

The process of defining of the seismic resistance is divided into several stages:

  1. Analysis of the technical documentation of devices and equipment;
  2. Testing performance on production areas or laboratories (the testing depends on the type of the device;
  3. Calculation of seismic resistance index (in cases when it is not possible to perform testing of the equipment - to put it into a vibration board, or if the testing has already been performed);
  4. Issue of certificate and recommendations.
Seismic resistance Certificate can be issued both for a batch of products or for a serial production. The certificate is valid during 3 years.

In case if any violations are observed the seismic resistance certificate can be issued after implementation of plan actions for the equipment improvement in accordance with the relevant requirements.

Required Documents

The following documents are required for the seismic resistance certification:

  • Application;
  • Product description, technical conditions, GOST for production, drawings and diagrams;
  • Sample of the equipment;
  • Client account details, copies of TIN and OGRN;
  • List of the produced products.

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