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Letter of Exemption

Sample of letter of exemption

Letter of exemption or explanatory letter is an officially prepared and issued by a certification agency document confirming that the considered production is not subject to obligatory certification and declaration.

Availabity of such a letter is voluntary – it is required in case if the product can’t be defined by any Customs Commodity Code or in other words in cases when the applicant or customs company have doubts whether a certain product should be certified. Letter of exemption can also be required in case if clients or inspectors have doubts regarding availability of the compliance certificate for a product.

Required Documents

  • Application;
  • TIN, OGRN certificates;
  • Statistics codes of the applicant company;
  • Copy of the delivery document (for customs letter);
  • Detailed description of product: composition, trademark, scope of application, article.

The documents shall be signed and stamped by the employer.

Exemption Letter Issue

Exemption letter or customs letter can be prepared by any certification agency accredited in Federal Accreditation Service. Specialists of Attek have a big experience in this and in case if all above mentioned documents are available we are ready identify Your product, prepare exemption letter according to all relevant requirements and can guarantee no complications during customs registration and further sale of the product. You are only required to fill online application form and within 5 minutes our specialists will contact you to provide with primary consultation and price calculation.

Types of Exemption Letter

This official document is divided into two types: a letter for customs control and a letter for sales. The content of the two letters is similar in general, however customs letter is required for Russian company that receives imported products and unlike the letter for sales it has included the document regulating the product delivery into Russia.

Some Other Types of Exemption Letter:

  • Fire Safety (confirms no need for compliance certification of some types of products, for example, construction materials);
  • Issued by Rospotrebnadzor (confirms no need for sanitary-epidemiological expertise of the product);
  • Issued by Rostechnadzor (applicable for equipment and technical devices that do not require safety control).

Costs and Terms of Letter of Exemption

The validity period of letter of exemption is not limited however in case if the norms stated in the letter of exemption for the product change the document might become void.

The price for the letter of exemption depends on the quantity of the included items and urgency. The very process of issue only takes several hours. Anyway each case should be discussed with Attek specialists in order to avoid any possible complications.

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