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ISO 22000:2007 (HACCP) Certification

ISO 22000:2007 (HACCP) (ISO 22000:2005) GOST R ISO 22000-2007 (HACCP) (set of standards 22000) is a system of food stuff safety management applicable for the companies involved into the process of food production such as:

  • Producers of food ingredients;
  • Producers of food packaging materials or companies packing food production;
  • Producers of washing and cleaning agents;
  • Livestock production.

GOST ISO 22000-2007 on “Food products management system. Requirements to producers of food products.” has been approved by the Order of Federal agency Rostechregulirovaniye No.66-ст dated April 17, 2007 as a national standard on the territory of the RF. Starting from July , 2013 technical regulation on Safety of food products came into power stating requirement for development, implementation and timely updating of the procedures based on HACCP principles for companies producing confectionery and sausage products, dairy, agricultural and other food products.


In case if starting from February 15, 2015 companies having no HACCP control system implemented produce food the director of the company shall be bound by administrative punishment in accordance with the RF Administrative Offences Code No.195-FZ. The repeated violation within a year term by legal entity shall be fined from 700 000 to 1000000 rubles with confiscation of subjects of an administrative offence or administrative suspension of activity for up to ninety days with confiscation of subjects of an administrative offence.


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Russian Federation has strict legislative control over the quality of manufactured food products. Production of ill-quality products shall be bound by the Criminal Code and Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation. Responsibility is stated in the Federal Law No.29-FZ on Quality and safety of food products dated January 1, 2000.

  • Preparation of ISO 22000:2007 (HACCP) takes only one business day;
  • Free shipping to any part of the Russian Federation.

System of certification is registered in the Federal agency for technical regulation and metrology (ROSSTANDARD) under No. РОСС RU.3900.04ФДГО.

ISO 22000-2007 (HACCP) allows to control and predict the quality of the manufactured food products on all stages of production.

The essence of the standard 22000 is accumulation of management on critical control points of production which leads to reduction of costs from the manufacturing of ill-quality products.

ISO 22000 is synchronized with the HACCP system (HACCP), hazard analysis and critical control points, and founded on the same principles. In the countries of the Customs Union the application of the standards based on the principles of HACCP is mandatory for food producers.


Advantages of implementation of ISO 22000:2007 (HACCP)

  • Expansion of market for the produced food;
  • Creation of reputation of trustful manufacturer with good quality of products;
  • Unhindered interaction with retail partners and large retailers;
  • Savings on the costs of poor-quality products;
  • Constant control of critical points, quick solutions of emergency situations;
  • Compliance with legislation in the sphere of food production safety.

Food products are the most sensitive segment of the consumer market, therefore, the most important criteria are:

  • Compliance with technology;
  • Compliance with recipes;
  • Quality control of supplied raw materials (for production);
  • Control of products supplied to partners

All these control points are regulated by the system of quality management for the manufactured products ISO 22000:2007.

Application of ISO 22000-2007 standard shall suit the companies willing to perform long-term perspective cooperation with partners and companies seeking for further dynamic and predictable development within the framework of the legislation inrespect of food product and searching for partners in the countries of the Customs Union and Europe.

Attestation and expertise center is accredited to perform food products quality management certification ISO 22000:2007 (HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

System of certification is registered in the Federal agency for technical regulation and metrology (ROSSTANDARD) under No. РОСС RU.3900.04ФДГО.

Ordering ISO 22000:2007 (HACCP) certification in our company you will be provided by high-quality service of experts in certification. We do our best to achieve and issue ISO 22000:2007 (HACCP) certificate on terms that are favorable for you.

ISO 22000:2007 (HACCP) certificate is valid during 3 years since the last annual inspection to check compliance with the system standards in the company.

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