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ISO 14001:2007 Certification

ISO 14001:2007 СЕМ GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (set of standards 14000) is a system of environmental management (EMS) of a company applicable to any kind of activity. It allows effectively manage resources and reduce the costs of production on a more efficient system of environmental planning (management). ISO 14001 certificate helps company management to comply with environmental legislation of the RF and European countries. It defines company as environmentally oriented, constantly complying with maximum allowed environmental waste limits.


System of certification LENGTHFUL SERTIFIKATION SYSTEM is registered in the Federal agency for technical regulation and metrology (ROSSTANDARD) under No. РОСС RU.О1080.04 ЖИФ0.

Availability of EMS ISO 14001 certificate demonstrates your partners high standards of products or service provided by the company, for its management does not only effectively manage the production but also all the considered processes.

  • Preparation of ISO 14001:2007 takes only one business day;
  • Free shipping to any part of the Russian Federation.

Environmental management system is one of the integral parts of a complex system of quality management required by the clients during procurement or auctions (redauctions). The most frequent contest activities requiring ISO 14001:2007 are construction, surveying, repair and disassembly operations. The client seeks for competent contractor in part of waste management and ISO 14001:2007 is the best way to demonstrate it.

ISO 14000 has been developed due to the increased public interest to the planet environment. Fundamentally, the standard does not affect the manufactured product itself, but it helps to systematize the process of production at all stages and to achieve most harmless effect to the environment and most importantly — human.

The essence of ISO 14000 is to arrange harmless cooperation between the production and the environment.


Advantages of ISO 14001:2007

  1. Real concern about the environment;
  2. Costs reduction of any kind of production;
  3. Release of material resources for new investment projects;
  4. Compliance with environmental legislation of the RF and European countries;
  5. Predictable environmental payments;
  6. Participation in procurement provided by state clients according to Federal Law 44 and procurement of legal entities, formation of competitive features for the company by eliminating participants applying damping.
  7. Access to the Customs Union and European markets.
  8. Attestation and expertise center is accredited to perform environmental management system certification (ISO 14001:2007).
  9. System of certification is registered in the Federal agency for technical regulation and metrology (ROSSTANDARD) under No. РОСС RU.О1080.04 ЖИФ0
  10. Ordering EMS ISO 14001-2007 certification in our company you will be provided by high-quality service of experts in environmental certification. We do our best to achieve and issue ISO 14001:2007 certificate on favorable for you terms
  11. ISO 14001:2007 certificate is valid during 3 years since the last annual inspection to check compliance with environmental requirements in the company.

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