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HACCP Plan Development

HACCP System (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) — is a systematic approach to safety of alimentary products based on possible risks management.

The Customs Union Technical regulation on Safety of alimentary products approved in 2013 prescripts implementation of HACCP principles in all companies involved into the process of production of alimentary products not later than by February 15, 2015.


Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation, Article 14.43 Violation of technical regulation by producer, foreign producer or vendor.
Violation of CU TRs shall be fined by 500 000rub. Repeated violation within a year term shall be punished by administrative penalty up 1 million rubles with seizure of property.

Apart from penalties producers of alimentary products usually also face complications during products distribution into retail shops especially chain stores.

The Essence of HACCP

The essence of HACCP is to identify and take under constant and vigilant system monitoring all critical control points (CCP). The CCP are referred to as the production stages with higher risks. In other words, they are the manufacturing steps in which violations of technological and sanitary standards can lead to unrecoverable effect on safety of the manufactured food product.

HACCP Plan Contents

HACCP plan includes information about every identified critical control point:

  • Identified hazards;
  • Measures of management;
  • Critical limits;
  • Monitoring measures;
  • Corrective actions;
  • Responsibility and obligations;
  • Form and content of records.

This plan contains the principles of analysis of production processes and identification of hazards, risks assessment, identification of critical points in the production, the plan of critical points monitoring and definition of corrective measures.

On the basis of HACCP the system of food safety management is developed and implemented through the analysis of and control of biological, chemical and physical risks at all stages of production. These systems are applied to manufacturers, suppliers and distributors involved in the production of raw materials, delivery and handling of food products.

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