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Fire Safety Certificate

Fire safety certificate is a document that confirms compliance with fire safety standards as stated in the Federal Law No. 123-FZ dated 22.07.2008 on Technical regulation for fire safety requirements.

Obligatory Fire Safety Certification

According to 123-FZ the following types of products shall have obligatory fire safety certification:

  • Fire safety devices (fire extinguishers, hydrants, fire alarm systems)
  • Finish materials (linoleum, décor panels)
  • Construction structures and products (smoke removal fans, electrical and mechanical facilities channels)
  • Electrical equipment and technical devices (cables, refrigerators)
  • Heat generating devices (burners, incinerators, heat generators)

Sample of Obligatory Fire Safety Certificate

Voluntary Fire Safety Certification

In case if product is not included into the above list but the producer still wants to confirm any of fire safety characteristics of the product a voluntary fire safety certification can be applied.

Voluntary fire certification can be issued only to confirm those fire safety characteristics the producer is interested in. Voluntary fire safety certification is not mandatory but the availability of such certification is a definite advantage for it is an official confirmation of compliance with all valid fire safety requirements to ensure safety of the product.


Required Documents

The following documents are required to prepare fire safety certificate for your product:

  • Company details, registration documents, TIN, OGRN;
  • Statistics code for the product;
  • The contract of lease of industrial areas or the document confirming the right of ownership; technical conditions (TC), registered according to the approved procedure;
  • Certificates for feed stock, materials and components (if any);
  • QMS certificate;
  • Product sample.

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The certification is performed in several stages:

  1. Application (submission of package of documents) into the certification agency;
  2. Samples taking for testing;
  3. Testing performance and defining inflammation, toxic categories etc.
  4. Assessment of production (if included into the certification procedure);
  5. Protocol preparation;
  6. Issue of fire safety certificate;
  7. Further inspection of product to check compliance with fire safety requirements.

The following shall be considered and included into the protocol:

  • combustibility of material;
  • poisonous gases when burning/heating;
  • the thermal conductivity of the material;
  • flammability;
  • the linear velocity of flame propagation;
  • oxygen consumption during combustion.

In case if non-compliance of some of the characteristics of product with the stated norms is observed during testing it is included into the protocol and expert summary. In such case fire safety certification (both obligatory and voluntary) can be postponed until elimination of all observed violations.

The certificate's validity period is from 1 year to 5 years.

The price of the certificate varies depending on the chosen certification scheme, type and quantity of product.

Legal Norms

Fire certification of products is performed in accordance with the following regulatory documents:

Federal Law No.123-FZ Technical regulation for fire safety requirements;

Federal Law No.69-FZ On Fire safety;

RF Governmental Decree No.241 The list of products subject to obligatory fire safety certification.

See the full complex of documents on our website: GOSTs regarding fire safety, norms for all products subject to obligatory fire safety certification. All documents are available for reading and downloading.

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