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Explosion Safety Certificate

Compliance certificate for explosion-proof equipment (explosion safety certificate) is a document that confirms the products comply with standard of the CU TR 012-2011 On safety of equipment for work in explosive environments.

The certification is obligatory for all electrical equipment including Ex-components and not electrical equipment designed for operations in explosive environments. Special Ex (explosion-proof) components is a part of equipment that prevents possible inflammation and explosion providing isolation of the explosive element or preventing explosion propagation outside the equipment.

Any equipment that does not comply with the technical requilations requirements shall not be allowed for circulation over the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union. Any Ex-equipment shall only be allowed to Russian market in case it has CU TR 012/2011 compliance certificate.


Types of explosion-proof equipment

The following equipment is subject to explosion safety certification:

  • Control cabinets, lighting cabinets;
  • Termination boxes;
  • Switchboard panels;
  • Connectors;
  • Light fixtures and lighting devices;
  • Cable glands and nipples;
  • Dust and water resistant equipment for tool engineering;
  • Housings;
  • Alarm and communication devices.

The following equipment is not subject to explosion safety certification:

  • Medical devices;
  • Equipment that can only be explosive in case of use of explosive materials and unstable chemical species;
  • Equipment for home use in cases when the explosive environment is created as a result of gas leaking
  • Personal Protective Equipment;
  • Sea vessels, inner and mixed-type (sea-river) navigation vessels, mobile offshore and drilling platforms for operations in sea and inner waters and other floating equipment as well as installed on them transport for passengers and loads transportation by air, land, rail or water transport;
  • Machines and their equipment;
  • Nuclear weapons, research facilities of nuclear defense complex except of the equipment located in the explosive environments.

Legal Norms:

Explosion Safety Certificate Issue

Certification of explosion-proof equipment is performed in several stages:

  1. Application (submission of package of documents) into the accredited certification agency;
  2. Samples taking for testing;
  3. Testing in the accredited laboratory, preparation of protocol and expert summary on the basis of the performed testing;
  4. Assessment of the conditions of production and the applied quality management system;
  5. Further annual inspection of the certified equipment and production

The certificate shall contain the following information:

  • Purpose and working method of the equipment;
  • Technical and construction features of the product;
  • Explosion safety marking (Ех);
  • Safe operation requirements.

Only companies registered on the territory of the Customs Union or individual entrepreneurs on the territory of the Customs Union can be applicant for products certification in compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union.

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