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Development of Industrial Monitoring Program (Plan)

Sample of Industrial Monitoring Program Plan Front Page

Industrial monitoring program is a document that includes name, terms, frequency and type of operations to b implemented according to the type of production. It is implemented in order to provide in-process monitoring of compliance with sanitary hygienic norms.

Frequency of industrial monitoring shall be defined individually according to the order of the director based on the Sanitary-epidemiological legislation. As a rule, an average period for industrial monitoring is 1-2 years.


The following types of companies are subject industrial monitoring:

  • healthcare;
  • vending;
  • catering;
  • pharmacy;
  • medical centers and beauty shops;

Other production or public areas, sanitary-protection areas, equipment and transport, technological processes, workplaces, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, wastes of production and consumption.

Legal Requirements:

Article 32 of Federal Law No.52-FZ dated March 30, 1999 on Sanitary-epidemiological well-being;

RF Law No.2300-1 dated 07.02.1992 on Protection of consumers (rev. 18.07.2011);

Article 22 of Federal Law No.29-FZ dated January 2, 2000 on Quality and safety of food products;

Article 26 of Federal Law No.89-FZ dated June 24, 1998 on Waste of production and consumption;

Federal Law No.181-FZ dated July 17, 1999 on the Labor safety basis in the RF;

RF Governmental Decree No.554 dated July 24, 2000 on Approval of Regulation regarding state sanitary-epidemiological service and norms of sanitary-epidemiological service in the Russian Federation (revised on February 6, 2004, November 17, 2004, September 15, 2015);

RF Governmental Decree No.263 dated March 10, 1999 on Arrangement and performance of industrial monitoring of compliance with industrial safety requirements in hazardous production (revised on February 1, 2005)

What is included into industrial monitoring program (plan)?

List of official sanitary requirements and methods of monitoring of environmental factors in accordance with the performed activity.
List of workers in charge of industrial monitoring.
List of chemical substances, biological, physical and other factors as well as objects of industrial control which are hazardous for human and environment (critical control points) subject to laboratory testing with stated control points samples.
List of job titles of workers, subject to medical checks, professional hygienic training and attestation.
List of the provided services or production and activities that might be hazardous for human and are subject to sanitary-epidemiological assessment, certification and licensing.
Measures subject to safety analysis to check safety for human and environment of products or methods of production, safety criteria and/or safe factors of production and methods of control over storage, transportation, vending and removal of products and safety of service.
List of record keeping forms stated by valid legislation in respect of industrial monitoring performance.
List of possible emergencies connected to the stop of production process, violation of technological processes, or other factors that might be hazardous to sanitary-epidemiological well-being of people, situations that should be delivered to people, local administration, and bodies in charge of sanitary-epidemiological monitoring.

Industrial Monitoring Program can help you to:

  • Avoid penalties from Health Inspection Service (Rospotrebnadzor);
  • Comply with prescription of Health Inspection Service in short time;
  • Receive full information regarding industrial monitoring performance in Your company;
  • Comply with all requirements of SanPiNs in Your offices;
  • Achieve summary of Health Inspection Service;
  • Raise company credibility;
  • Raise quality and competitiveness of products and service;
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