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Classification of Hotels

Аттестат аккредитации НТЦ «Сертэк» по проведению классификации гостиниц
Sertek accreditation license for classification of hotels

Due to FIFA-2018 football championship held in Russia all hotels and other accommodation facilities are obliged to undergo the procedure of classification (assigning Rating Star) by July 1, 2008. It is regulated by the following legal norms:


Classification of objects of tourist industry and certification of hotel service is performed by independent agencies authorized by Rosturism. Research and development center SERTEK, LLC is a certification agency, a part of Attek group, with a valid authorization to perform classification of hostels and other accommodation facilities (accreditation license of the Committee on tourism development № 6 dated 02.03.2015).

Our experts have years of experience in classification of accommodation and confirmation of services compliance. We are ready to provide individual counseling and full support in the process of classification.

Свидетельство НТЦ «Сертэк», разрешающее сертификацию по системе «ИнфраСерТ»
Sertek license allowing performance of InfraSerT certification

Classification Procedure

Obtaining a certificate on assigning of Rating Star to hotels is a complex procedure which takes from 2 weeks to 2 months. It is performed in accordance with the Ministry of Culture of the RF Order No. 1215 and takes several stages:

  1. Expert assessment (rating) with preparation of protocol.
  2. Analysis of the application documentation and deciding upon the compliance with classification standards.
  3. Obtaining a 3-years classification certificate.


What do we certify?

  1. Classification of hotels and other accommodation facilities (according to the Ministry of Culture of the RF Order No. 1215 dated 11.07.2014)./li>
  2. Certification of service:
    • hostels and other accommodation facilities (hostels, small hotels, small facilities of permanent residence);
    • special accommodation facilities (the house of the hunter, the fisherman's house, recreation center, sport camp, camp of work and rest, a tourist shelter, parking, floating hotel (hotel), aquatel (boat), flotel (cruise ship), rotel, pitches, manor);
    • health-improving services (boarding houses, sanatoria, recreation centers, etc.);
    • recreation and health centers for children (camps, bases, centers);
    • public catering service (restaurants, bars, cafes etc.);
    • catering service (outdoor catering service, delivery ready food products, etc.);
    • cleaning service;
    • service provided by business-centers (classification of business-centers);
    • sports and health-improving service, fitness (including classification of fitness centers);
    • repair and maintenance of household radio electronic equipment, machines and devices;
    • spa service (water treatments, balneological treatment, telescopically, thermoproteus, chiropractic treatments, relaxing treatments, hair care, face and body, nails and skin of the hands and feet, hair removal).

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