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Certificate of Origin

Sample of certificate of origin

Certificate of origin is a document clearly indicating the country of origin of a product and issued by authority of the exporter-country, authorized in accordance with national legislation.

Normally it is required for the customs authorities of the importing country for tariff regulation of imported goods, obtaining preferential tariffs, duty-free importation, exemption from the additional tax.

The certificate of origin can also be required by the customs control services for import. This may happen on the following cases:

  • Import of a certain product is limited by some quotas;
  • Customs service has doubts regarding the manufacturer country;
  • The importer country has some customs preferences in Russia.

The Certificate of Origin shall be valid during 1 year since the moment of issue.


Required Documents

Depending on the chosen certification scheme some other acts may be required which can be consulted upon by our specialists. Anyway the mail package of documents shall include:

  1. Application;
  2. Contract and export license;
  3. Invoice;
  4. TIN and OKPO codes;
  5. Expert summary on the Russian origin of product;
  6. Organizational documents (for legal entity) or passport and individual entrepreneur license (for individuals).

There are three main types of Certificate of Origin:

  • Certificate of Origin, form ST-1
  • Certificate of Origin, general form
  • Certificate of Origin, form A

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