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Approval of Measuring Tools

Шаблон метрологического сертификата
Sample of Measuring Tools Approval Certificate

Approval of measuring tools is a document containing decision of state metrological service regarding compliance of the measuring tools with the stated norms and requirements. The approval allows application of measuring tools in the fields subject to state metrological supervision and control.

Measuring tools applied in in the field of state regulation are subject to obligatory approval. Positive approval shall be decided upon by Rosstandard (Federal agency for technical regulation and metrology) based on the results of the testing.

The validity period for a series of tools is 5 years, while the document for a single device has no expiry date.


The approval includes:

  • Characteristics of the measuring tool: purpose, accuracy figure;
  • Identification methods for computer software applied for the tool;
  • Method of check of the tool compliance with sated norms;
  • Method of inspection of compliance with requirements applied to the measuring tool, its parts, software and operation conditions.

Measuring tools subject to the approval

Household Measuring Tools
Бытовые средства измерения
  • Counters of gas, water and electricity;
  • Retail scales;
  • Means of measurement of fuel consumption;
  • Heat meters;
  • Medical devices.
Industrial Measuring Tools
Промышленные средства измерения
  • Transformers;
  • Generators of low frequency signals;
  • On-Board device;
  • Bioanalytical measurement systems;
  • Transducers and thermocouples;
  • Oscilloscopes.
Control Gauges
СИ для контрольно-надзорных мероприятий
  • Gas analyzers of the air;
  • Measuring tools for sanitary and epidemiological control;
  • Tools for measuring of noise level;
  • Pollution measuring tools;
  • Electromagnetic radiation measuring tools.
Detailed information regarding required approval of a certain measuring device can be provided by our specialists.

Testing Procedure

Утверждение типа СИ
  1. Application. Legal entity or individual entrepreneur can be applicant, while executive body shall be chosen from certification agencies authorized for laboratory testing performance;
  2. Development and approval of testing programs applicable to the considered measuring tool and definition of type of the measuring tool;
  3. Testing to check compliance of the measuring tool to the approved type standards and issue of the protocol;
  4. Development of draft of description of the measuring tool type;
  5. Approval of the testing results in Rosstandard and issue of the approval of the measuring tool type.

Required documents:

  • Sample of the measuring tool;
  • Testing program;
  • Technical conditions (TC) for the measuring tool;
  • Operating manual for the measuring tool. In case of imported device original documentation with Russian translation is required;
  • Type description and photo;
  • Consent of the applicant to public the type description.

Legal Norms

Testing of measuring tools and preparation of the approval document is performed in accordance with the following legal norms:

Attek Group experts are ready to provide assistance in preparation of metrological certificate for measuring tools. Attek is accredited certification agency with measuring laboratory where all required testing can be performed and all documents arranged in short time on favorable for You conditions.

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